A jar that turns into a shining bright lantern with its solar module, powered by four LEDs, by flipping the magnetic switch on the solar module to the white dot, it transforms into “Let There Be Light with Sonnenglas Solar Lantern”. I was intrigued and curious when HongPeng from Hpility SG introduced me to them. After learning more about them, I was keen to know more about them. Thanks to Hpility SG for recommending and linking me with Sonnenglas, I started a few photography stories adventure with “Let There Be Light with Sonnenglas Solar Lantern”.

Thoughts and views

When I was doing my photography themes and product placements with the Sonnenglas Solar Lantern, I felt that it would be a really nice decoration as well working as a lamp for your home/office/F&B business. They can really light up your garden, balcony or outdoor dining areas!

One key message for me is about spreading the word on sustainability and ecological friendly design product. 

The mini lantern is compact, lightweight and portable, you can bring it for a holiday overseas, as a torchlight, as a travel accessory for your travel photography. While the classic lantern would be very suitable for your home, office, cafes, restaurants etc. 

The Sonnenglas Solar Lantern has a rating of 120mW, light output 19lm and light colour temperature of 4,000 Kelvin. With an operating time up to 12 hours if fully charged, this would be very handy when the night is long. You can either charge it outside in direct sunlight or alternatively charge it via the micro-USB port. 

Let There Be Light by Sonnenglas x TGH Photography x Canon EOS RP Explorer Stories

I personally like the story and purpose behind the Sonnenglas Solar Lantern. From a sustainability, Pay-It-Forward and photographer perspective, I had a few inspirations to bring the message behind Sonnenglas Solar Lantern across through my various photography themes, giving future owners on how they can make a difference with their Sonnenglas Solar Lantern. 

Home decoration ideas 

Sudio Elva x Sonnenglas x Star Wars Lego 

Jabra Evolve2 85 x Sonnenglas x Star Wars Lego 

Shining a light on the old railway track / railway tunnel 


Outdoor BBQ + Dining @ Chef Keith’s Home 

Evening blue hour  

Sonnenglas x Time   

Sonnenglas x Blessings 

Pricing and Availability 

If you like to purchase the Sonnenglas Solar Lantern, they are now available on Amazon Singapore.

Sonnenglas Solar Lantern Classic (1000ml) – S$59.90 

Sonnenglas Solar Lantern Mini (250ml) – S$52.90 

For more information on Sonnenglas Solar Lantern, please visit their website. 

Pay It Forward and Pass It On with Sonnenglas 

First and foremost, I would like to thank Hpility SG for linking and recommending me to Sonnenglas. Do also visit his website and check out his article “Create a romantic atmosphere with Premium Sonnenglas Solar LED Lantern”. A big thanks to Hpility SG for the kind loan of his Sonnenglas Solar Lantern Mini (250ml) for my photoshoot. 

I would like to thank Winnie and Rose from South Africa, the two ladies that made the Sonnenglas Solar Lanterns that I photographed inside my article. May the passion from the rainbow nation shines across the world!  

At my friend Chef Keith’s home having an outdoor BBQ and dining gathering, his daughters Jasmine and Caitlyn liked the Sonnenglas Solar Lantern. An inspiration came into my mind, to Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On to the younger generation, for them to spread the word on sustainability and impacting peoples’ life.

More photographs of my Sonnenglas Solar Lantern photography adventures can be viewed inside this Flickr photo album! 

Let There Be Light with Sonnenglas Solar Lantern, the time is now to bring up the awareness on sustainability and be eco-friendly, for Planet Earth, for our future generation and beyond.

Last but not least, thank you Sonnenglas for the Sonnenglas Solar Lantern review opportunity.

** A TGH Photography x Canon EOS RP Explorer Series Production ** 

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