At one of the crossroads in the world for international trade and shipping, Singapore’s rise as a global maritime hub, from her days as an entrepot trade to one of the busiest shipping hub in the world today. The role, signifiance and contribution of Singapore’s shipping industry cannot be underestimated.

During my recent videography assignment with Hpility SG, we were covering  Singapore Maritime Week (SMW) 2019. During the assignment that took place over the festival period, I got the opportunity to learn a lot more about Singapore’s shipping industry, not just from my videography shoot, also from my visits to Singapore Maritime Gallery and SMW 2019 Exhibition.

This was also a major assignment for me, using the Canon EOS R (review unit) in an earlier preparation shoot before SMW 2019 started and the Canon EOS RP (personal set) during SMW 2019 itself. Both the Canon EOS R and EOS RP did well, delivered the goods and it was mission accomplished! More of the videography (and photography) reviews from the Canon EOS R and EOS RP would be published in my upcoming review articles.

The key highlight for me, from our various videography shoots that we did during the SMW 2019, was the MPA Learning Journeys 2019 (SMW Edition) – Lighthouse tour. A visit to Raffles Lighthouse, the second oldest lighthouse among the five lighthouses still in use today in Singapore. Raffles Lighthouse was bulit on a rocky island called Pulau Satumu, overlooking the busy shipping route in the Singapore Strait.

On the boat ride to Raffles Lighthouse, participants were able to view the busy Singapore Strait shipping route and learned more about Singapore’s shipping history and importance. At Raffles Lighthouse, it totally blew us off, the bird’s eye view from the top of the Raffles Lighthouse, her history, overlooking the vast and busy Singapore Strait, with many different ships sailing in the channel.

As a heritage and history enthusiast myself, while I do know a bit of knowledge of Singapore’s shipping industry, during my videography coverage of SMW 2019, I realised that the shipping industry sector has a lot more for us Singaporeans to learn, know and understand on its history, significance, importance. I strongly encourage you to visit Singapore Maritime Gallery at Marina South Pier whereby visitors can learn so much more from our very own Maritime museum!

Do check out the YouTube Videos of SMW 2019, covered and produced by Hpility SG, Victorl0 and myself:

AMC 2019 –

Singapore Maritime Trail 3 –

Maritime Innovation Lab opening –

Lighthouse Tour + Sea Tour –

SMW 2019 Exhibition –

I hope that through the videos produced by Hpility SG, Victorl0 and myself would inspire you to learn and know more about Singapore’s shipping industry and Singapore’s history in our Singapore Bicentennial Celebrations during this year 2019.

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