16th May 2021 marks another another significant day on Singapore’s timeline, it’s the start of Phase 2 Heightened Alert in Singapore. There was vented frustrations inside me when this news was announced, I had to let it all out, by talking and writing it down on this article “16th May 2021 – Start of Phase 2 Heightened Alert” on my TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog. 

Last year during the circuit breaker period, I didn’t go out to photograph the life and situation as I wasn’t commissioned to shoot or I am not the press photographers going out to do their jobs, delivering photographs to the media and print outlets. For Phase 2 Heightened Alert, we are still allowed to have movement if necessary, it’s not like circuit breaker whereby we had to stay at home and don’t go out unless it’s necessary. 

Therefore, I am going to document my local neighbourhood surroundings during this Phase 2 Heightened Alert period on my own, as well as from other parts of Singapore should I be outside or having appointments for discussions. 

I would share on my Instagram stories along the way during this period, you can keep a lookout for them. As for those photographs, I would decide at a later date how I would want to curate and share some of those photographs that I took during Phase 2 Heightened Alert in Singapore. 

Here are some photographs from my new personal documentary photography project on Phase 2 Heightened Alert in Singapore. 

The battle against this global pandemic COVID-19 is far from over. Every country around the world is facing their own battles against it. The various mutations arising from the COVID-19 made the world situation more difficult and tricky to handle.

Phase 2 Heightened Alert is supposed to end on 13th June 2021, let us all play do our part, don’t let our guard down and we can exit this heightened alert on that day in June!

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