This all begun with a Facebook wall post on We Support The Green Corridor, it’s about a photography exhibition, a theme that I can relate to very closely to my heart, something that my friends and myself were actively documenting as much as possible, photographing and sharing before the final days of the Grand Old Dame, our KTM railway.

This exhibition is known as The LAST Train, a KTM Tanjong Pagar Railway Photo Exhibition, documenting the days, people and action leading up towards the final countdown of the end of the KTM Railway services at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. Documented and curated by Zann Huizhen Huang, I was brought through her photojournalistic journey of the KTM Railway through her photographs displayed at her exhibition. When I visited the exhibition on the Saturday, 17th September in the afternoon, I was lucky to meet with Zann Huizhen Huang in person, (very well traveled and talented photojournalist, with a big heart for social cause) and I had a very interesting and engaging conversation with her, sharing our experiences and thoughts, on two topics closest to us photojournalists, the KTM railway and photojournalism, I shared her passion, photographs and thoughts on the KTM railway. Do drop by the facebook page on The LAST Train for more information. For more information on Zann’s Huizhen Huang portfolio and bio, check out her website!

There was a great coincidence that I found myself captured in one of her photograph, on the last day of the KTM railway operations on 30th June 2011,  here’s my post to refresh on the final day of the KTM railway operations at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station! I do strongly encourage you to visit The LAST Train photography exhibition and try to spot me in 1 of the photographs!

Here’s the details of The LAST Train Photography Exhibition

Venue: The Photographic Society of Singapore
Loke Wan Tho Gallery
Selegie Arts Centre
30 Selegie Road, Singapore 188351

Date: 16 Sept till 22 Sept 2011
Time: Mon – Fri 2pm to 9.30pm
Sat and Sun 12pm to 5.30pm

Admission is free.

Do drop by at The LAST Train Photography Exhibition and travel through the final days of the KTM Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, through the eyes of Zann Huizhen Huang!

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