This is now the start of Q2 2019 as we bid farewell to Q1 2019. I took out some quiet time whereby I do my reflections and updates on my Q1 2019 on my photography, on both professional/business and personal/leisure segments.

A slow start to FY 2019

Year 2019 was off to a quiet start, there were enquiries and quotations, yet not of them bear fruit. Things picked up slowly after Chinese Lunar New Year, I hope that it would start the ball rolling, business growing and expanding  ahead in the very near future. The economy is slowing down, fierce competition in a saturated market, there are a lot of adapting, innovating and changes needed to be made, to survive in the modern world today.

There was an article on Fstoppers, “Can you still make a living in photography in 2019

My personal view – The key point to me is, it’s beyond just taking photographs anymore.


Lifelong learning is one of my personal philosophy, on both a personal and professional basis. That’s still so much more to learn in the world today and one area that I identified that would need changes and improvements, would be in the video segment. In 2018, I started to experiment on producing videos via Instagram stories, vlogging, social media sharing or producing videos just by shooting videos for products review.

As I started to expand and grow in this area,  for the year 2019, I want to improve in this videography/filmmaking, this is not just learning a new skill, this would also allow me to expand my photography services provision and my digital/creative agency approach.

In Q1 2019, I was involved in two videos production, as the videographer / director of photography in them. Presenting to you

– Carpmael Street Bazaar Sneak Preview

Carpmael Street Bazaar Sneak Preview from Hpility SG on Vimeo.

– Get in touch with the beauty of the Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition

Get in touch with the beauty of the Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition from Hpility SG on Vimeo.

The stories behind these two videos, would be revealed more in detail inside my upcoming Canon EOS R review article!

In time to come, I hope to create more short and interesting videos/films, not just to complement my photography and writing, I am working towards producing some short film stories.

The birth and rise of the Canon EOS RP Explorer

There was a new camera that joined my photography lineup, the Canon EOS RP full-frame mirrorless camera. This new lightweight camera was most welcomed by me as I discussed about them in “My Canon EOS R and EOS RP stories”, in my role to explore more, take more photograhs and share more stories that I envisioned in one of my earlier articles.

This doesn’t mean I have abandoned my Canon EOS 1DX Mark II, this is still my heavy duty camera, I am still using it for most commercial assignments. The Canon EOS 1D series DSLR has played a significant part in my photography growth over the years since I got myself a Canon EOS 1D Mark III in 2010 and Canon EOS 1DX in 2016. The story continues – Canon EOS 1DX Mark II would be shed more light into them!

The arrival of the Canon EOS RP full-frame mirrorless camera gave rise to the birth of the Canon EOS RP Explorer series, a personal (and maybe commercial) photography exploration stories, doing various photography genres such as street, daily, vlogging, social media and travel adventures.

Travel Wanderlust

I would like to take a short travel overseas whereby I can fulfill my travel wanderlust and my photography away from Singapore, destinations whereby I am a traveler, explorer, writer and not as a tourist.

What lies ahead in the near future?

While I plan ahead, things sometimes don’t always go the way I planned it to be. These words, innovate, adapt and change, on top of working hard and smart, will always be a part of me. Now, let’s strive forward, exploring, taking photos, shooting videos, writing stories, directing and producing short films.

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