To my fellow Singaporeans, what are the most special or most fond memories of you growing up in Singapore? Whether you are in your in your teenage years, working adults, Merdeka Generation or Pioneer Generation, you would have some fond memories of growing up in Singapore, witnessing the changes and transformation of Singapore over the decades. I would like to invite all of you fellow Singaporeans, to share your fond memories of (Singapore) home!

The National Museum of Singapore is presenting Home, Truly: Growing Up with Singapore, 1950s to the Present in collaboration with The Straits Times. The exhibition will be held from August 2020 to February 2021 and explores moments and experiences in our history that express our identity and collective memory as Singaporeans.

The museum invites the public to share personal photographs or memories that vividly capture what it’s like growing up in Singapore and what makes Singapore home. The prompts for the public call can be found on Photographs and stories can be submitted on by 1 March 2020.

I have been photographing for close to 35 years (and still counting), I do have some old printed photographs somewhere of my growing up days in Singapore, I reckon my Dad, Uncles and older cousins have just as much (prints and digital) memories of growing up with Singapore, to share since they had been a major influence on me to be interested in photography from a very young age. On the digital photography segment, I started to look back at my Singapore photographs collection on Flickr documented inside here since 2007, I also have a special collection dedicated to #OurSGHeritage too!

What photographs of Singapore from my growing up years am I am able to contribute and share? I have to look through my archives again, maybe there is a priceless photograph of my growing up years with Singapore that might be selected for display!

Last but not least, to my fellow Singaporeans,

“What is it like growing up in Singapore, and what makes Singapore home? Ask any of us that question, and memories of the games played in school, long queues at hawker centres, or moments of collective celebration or crisis may come to mind. Contribute your personal photographs and memories by 1 March 2020 for potential display in Home, Truly.”

Please help to Pay It Forward and Pass It On, to fellow Singaporeans, your family, loved ones and friends, to share your fond memories of (Singapore) home!

* Information and picture courtesy of National Museum of Singapore and Ogilvy *

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