I entered into this art exhibition not knowing what to expect. When I entered into this immersive, thought provoking, mind opening and interactive artistic world of Tension by House of VSE (Very Small Exhibition), I was brought into another world that resides in all of us, our inner and sometimes subconscious world that we live in, and how we are or might be telling people about our way of living, culture and upbringing. 

Tension by House of VSE

The key themes of “Tension”, “Expose”, “Pull”, and “Skin Deep”, what comes to your mind? From a personal daily perspective, work or artistic perspective, what does each word means to you? A truly amazing art experience and exhibition that is at the highest level of international Biennale arts standard, invoking an inner spirit inside us, challenging our human perception, and connections, with life, living, society, culture, arts and many other areas.

On a personal. professional and creative (as a photographer, visual storyteller, writer myself) note, I had a (almost personalised) very immersive, interactive, experimental hands on experience with the “artworks” and in-depth chats with the artists Wei and Karolina, as well as with Gary. 

“Tension” and “Expose”

My first phase of my experiences were getting to know about “Tension”, something that I am facing in multiple facades across various front, from personal, to the running of my photography business, as a creative in a judgemental, digital/social media world, against people who judge me and like to tell me what to do/what I must do, and many more. 

Have I “Expose” myself to my own vulnerabilities that I faced from my exposure to other people, society, from my own personal and professional challenges to improve and breakthrough my limitations, capabilities and boundaries? Where can I go from here? How can I move on to the next few levels while facing the onslaught of “Tension” from the outside world?

Beginning of Something Experiential? 

While I was immersing myself, exploring into the various arts experiences, I slowly returned back to the real world. It’s not over yet, this is just the beginning of something experiential (and maybe something more of an artistic/creative enlightenment), I would explore further and deeper into the key themes of “Tension”, “Expose”, “Pull”, and “Skin deep”, sharing more in-depth thoughts, feelings and emotions from myself, as well as getting artists Wei and Karolina thoughts and views on those key themes, in an upcoming article sometime down the road.

Tension is brought to you by House of VSE (@houseofvse), featuring artists Wei (@weidoesntmatter) and Karolina (@karolinaprom). If you like to experience this immersive, thought provoking, mind opening and interactive artistic world of Tension by House of VSE, please reach out to them!

* A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R6 Mark II Explorer Series Production * 

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