An all new integrated health and fitness hub, with the state of the art modern exercise, fitness and sports equipment, this is a one stop health and fitness hub for all sports, health, physiotherapy, nutrition,  and exercise community. Along with modern technology, sports medicine and sports science, this all new integrated sports and fitness hub is now in Singapore, introducing UFIT Hub at Club Street.

Prior to their official opening, I got the opportunity to visit UFIT Hub at Club Street for a preview. Located in the downtown area, between Chinatown and Raffles Place, it was an eye opener to visit an integrated fitness hub that operates differently from the other fitness centres in Singapore. UFIT Health and Fitness (UFIT), Singapore’s largest independently owned fitness community, celebrates a decade of success and the consolidation of their outlets into three integrated health and fitness hubs, along with ongoing digital transformation.

New Integrated Hubs

During the tour of UFIT Hub at Club Street, checking out their new machines, facilities and spaces for their health and fitness programs, they are running this new integrated health and fitness hub differently from the rest in the market. This is going to be personalised to each individual, from a health consultation to mark the starting point and their goals, to a personal trainer, physio, group classes, a personal nutrition plan or a combination of all of these services to suit each and every unique individual working out at UFIT Hub.

Will Skinner, CEO at UFIT, says, “After nearly a decade in Singapore, UFIT is at a crossroads where we take stock of where we are and what we need to do to move forward into the new era. Whether it be our clients or our staff, we are creating the very best environment for all those that step through the doors when it comes to achieving results. Our redefined vision and purpose statements are what has led us to make these changes, and these will continue to be the cornerstones of every decision we make going forward.”

The consolidation of UFIT into integrated Hubs with their first UFIT Hub at Club Street, two further Hubs have been created at Orchard and in the West with UFIT One-North. This would be great news for people living in different parts of Singapore.

UFIT’s Digital Transformation

The aid and usage of modern technology, from tools to data collection, are going to play a part to help their UFIT members in their health and fitness journeys. Through the consolidation and integration into UFIT Hubs, UFIT will have a bespoke online coaching platform for UFIT trainers and professionals to aid, guide, customise training and influence their UFIT members on their health and fitness journeys. 

UFIT will begin to offer a credit-based system on their app, allowing members to purchase credits directly via the app and they can redeem them across any classes in the Group Training Portfolio, including outdoor Bootcamps and Indoor classes at the Club Street Studio.

“As we move to integrate our services under one roof, we want to showcase the best that UFIT has to offer and help create the right environment for our team to ‘Ignite their client’s Greatness!’”, said Dean Ahmad, COO and Co-Founder of UFIT.

Special mention: Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

A segment that is usually not associated with many or most of the fitness centres in Singapore, most people would associate physiotherapy and rehabilitation with hospitals and specialist medical clinics.

During the preview tour, I learned about UFIT providing physiotherapy and rehabilitation services as part of their holistic and high quality integrated service at their UFIT Hub. Being a patient myself and having to go through physiotherapy and rehabilitation previously (for my injuries), I was able to relate!

On this topic of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, a person who might have previous injuries or conditions that might need physiotherapy and rehabilitation to help you improve your daily living well-being, using a sports medicine/science approach with exercise and fitness machines/regimes might be more suitable for you.

If this is of interest to you, do speak to the professionals at UFIT Hub, have a chat with them and see if this approach works out for you.

Personal thoughts and views

UFIT Hub at Club Street, an all new integrated health and fitness hub, is a great example on how fitness centres can move forward into a new era, along with modern technology, digital transformation and sports medicine. It’s not just a gym whereby you go there to do your exercises and leave after that.

As a sports fanatic, football, basketball, running and a bit of rugby league, I loved my sports although I have pretty much slowed down. I was once into attending fitness centres some years back, on a membership scheme for a while before deciding not to continue with them.

Looking at how UFIT Hub Club Street direction and integration, I feel that this is the way to go for fitness centres moving forward and also for those who are really serious about getting fit and healthy, it’s not just about hitting the exercise machines thinking that you know everything about health and fitness. Nutrition, your health, direction, goals and plans are equally important and crucial.

If you are into a sporting, fitness, healthy and holistic living lifestyle, do check out this all new integrated holistic health and fitness hub – UFIT Hub at Club Street (2 more Hubs coming soon!)

For more information on UFIT, do visit their website and social media channels and check them out






I would like to thank UFIT for the invitation to the preview of UFIT Hub at Club Street prior to their official opening.

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