Looking for a one-stop website for travel information, tips, good food and cooking tips? Yes, there is! Introducing a unique lifestyle website from Singapore, Easy Travel Recipes: One-stop lifestyle portal for travel and cooking. Launched in April 2020, they have established themselves as a leading lifestyle portal/blog for travel guides and cooking tips.

“Lots of couples ask, ‘Can travel guide websites really help us?” says Co-founder, Hong Peng. “Since it’s launching in April, we’ve helped thousands of customers make improved choices for honeymoon destinations. We also knew we could provide an answer by creating a resource that shares how many delicious dishes are put together. And that’s what Easy Travel Recipe is all about. It’s a place where our readers—and, really, anyone interested in traveling, get professional tips on recipes, choice destination, lifestyle, etc.” 

The couple blog compiled a variety of detailed destinations and tourist attractions in different countries for couples looking for the perfect honeymoon. The website is dynamic, accessible to all users, with a visually stimulating interface—replete with relevant engaging content born out of great research. The website has 3 major sections to look out for, which is Lifestyle Guides for Couples, Food Guides for Couples, Travel Guides for Couples. 

According to Co-founder, Alyssa: “A couple on a mission to spend every day like it’s Valentine’s Day and every travelling holiday like it’s a Honeymoon. Therefore, we will be sharing all our experiences and tips with you from where you can go with your loved one to what you can cook for him/her. Only one rule: Enjoy it together!” 

Having read their travel, food and cooking tips, Easy Travel Recipes is an interesting and diverse website with resources and information for travelers and foodies, ideal for couples to gather information, ideas and inspirations to do and enjoy those travel, food and cooking together. I have also contributed an article “Couple fun time photography and prints with Canon” to Easy Travel Recipes, perfect for couples, taking photos together and of each other when they are traveling, having fun, enjoying food or cooking!

Follow Easy Travel Recipes, a one-stop lifestyle portal/blog for travel guides and cooking tips from Singapore, check out their website and social media channels below:

Website: https://www.easytravelrecipes.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/etravelrecipes 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/easytravelrecipes/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/easytravelrecipes/

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* Information and picture courtesy of Easy Travel Recipes *

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