Houses Not Hotels: Stories of The House Collective. This is a new brand campaign launched by Swire Hotels in September 2020 for The House Collective, bringing together four incredible properties under one recognised banner.

The Houses are unique properties, with its character, culture and personality. As a former hospitality industry professional, it brought back memories to me, being mesmerised by both old and modern hotel architecture and design. Whenever I am on a travel photography adventure, I am always intrigued by unique stories and beautiful photographs. Houses Not Hotels, the stories of The House Collective definitely resonates something inside me.

The House Collective started her roots in Beijing in twelve years ago, quietly growing over time, one House at a time, till today, forming a unique collection of characterful properties. They are now comprised of The Opposite House, The Upper House, The Temple House and The Middle House. The House Collective name means valued people and places – personalised service, inspiring journeys, craftsmanship and design, while celebrating the individuality and character at the heart of each House.

Each House has its own story, architecture, style and personality, with their roots in some of Greater China’s leading cultural cities. The Houses embrace their differences from one another, they rather not seek to create a consensus in the experience that they are offering. Through this new campaign “Houses not Hotels”, the Houses celebrate their unique individuality.

Of the creative approach to the new campaign, Head of Brand and Communications, Teresa Muk comments, “A house is more than just four walls and a roof. It is a place with soul. The idea ‘Houses Not  Hotels’ captures not just the different look of the Houses but more importantly the magical experience of being there, made possible by our incredible teams of individuals who make each House their own.” 

The Opposite House, is an unexpected celebration of art and culture, as imagined by architect Kengo Kuma. The Atrium gallery hosts dramatic art exhibitions unveiling newly discovered local artists, and Kengo recently envisaged a new origami-inspired light wall installation within the space. With distinctive geometric design and minimalist interiors, at The Opposite House guests discover unexpected perspectives and something to appreciate at every turn. 

New for 2020, The Opposite House unveils drinking and dining spaces designed to take guests on a journey of appreciation – from the pop art-inspired Superfly, a take on neighbourhood ‘fly eateries’ of Sichuan, to Italian craftsmanship at Frasca, a sleek trattoria serving regional classics, to the modern day cultural salon that is the Union bar. 

The Upper House is a tranquil haven high above the dazzling lights of Hong Kong. An intimate urban retreat with mesmerising views of the mountains and Victoria Harbour, The Upper House is a social hub capturing the imagination of cultural creatives and tastemakers from across the globe. The hallowed ‘Up Close’ talk series see cultural trendsetters and creative global pioneers from design, fashion, wellness and more host intimate fireside chats at the Sky Lounge. 

The Temple House contrasts verdant Qing-dynasty courtyards and historic temple buildings with chic cutting-edge design. Set in culturally rich Sichuan province, The Temple House mixes tea and tranquility with culture and modern comfort in former temple grounds. Guests can browse the House library, peruse the contemporary art gallery, discover delicious innovative plant-based dishes and local teas at Mi Xun Teahouse, or enjoy House-made restorative, sustainable treatments with natural ingredients at Mi Xun Spa. 

Completing the Collective, The Middle House – a dynamic creative space in fashionable Shanghai – extols craftmanship and contemporary style. Piero Lissoni’s elegant interiors use fine Chinese materials – porcelain, ceramic, bamboo and lacquered textures – alongside a stunning 37,500-piece Venetian chandelier at the lobby space. Budding creative talent and local independent designers are discovered through The Middle House’s The Shop Project pop-up, while fashionistas from design powerhouses are often found behind the bar crafting cocktails co-hosting at the House’s Community Bartender series. 

Discover each House’s virtual love letter to its home with the ‘House Picks’ online city series, or follow the individual Houses on social media for evocative stories and insights from the destinations. Discover films revealing four hidden worlds; capturing the essence of each House through distinct directorial styles. With high-fashion editorial at The Middle House, intriguing film noir for The Upper House, whimsical fantasy at The Temple House, and experimental art at The Opposite House, each chapter together tells The House Collective story. 

For more stories from Houses Not Hotels, visit and follow their stories through their photos and videos.

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* Information and pictures courtesy of Swire Hotels and VIM & VIGOUR PR *

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