Summer season 2022 is here! The world travel and tourism is starting to ease most travel restrictions, they are gradually reopening up to travelers from all over the world again. For all travel starved wanderlusts, all these paved the way to travel again for their long awaited holiday adventure. Some might have their travel destinations planned out, some haven’t been putting much thoughts into travel planning due to the pandemic situation. Now is the perfect time for us holiday-hungry travellers to start planning their summer vacation with recommendations of best summer vacation destinations by Scott Dunn. From a romantic getaway in Croatia and Slovenia to an unforgettable bucket list trip to the Arctic, the team at Scott Dunn has rounded up the best destinations to visit this summer for a sun-kissed escape.

  1. Turn up the romance in Croatia & Slovenia

The stunning coastlines and islands of Croatia are a sight to behold. Revel in a scenic tour of sparkling blue waters and rocky coves on a private yacht. Delight in exquisite local catch of the day at a local konoba and head inland on a romantic stroll along the ancient cobbled alleyways of Split and Dubrovnik. Explore the enchanting historical sights and charming backstreets, or invoke your spirit of adventure on a leisurely hike followed by a picnic lunch in the mountains.

Split. Beautiful romantic old town of Split during beautiful sunrise. Croatia,Europe.

Continue your journey into neighbouring Slovenia – a charming delight for outdoor enthusiasts and culture lovers. Covered in lush forests and wedged between the mountains and the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia is a picture-perfect destination boasting crystal-clear lakes, turquoise rivers and breathtaking Alpine scenery.


Croatia and Slovenia are the perfect destinations for outdoor lovers to be one with nature.

Scott Dunn Recommends: Cook alongside a local professional chef in her 13th-century home as you source for fresh ingredients and discover the secrets behind traditional Croatian cuisine – learning through a unique culinary experience like a true Dalmation.

Best Time to Visit: June to September

  1. Family Fun in Italy

Italy is home to the beautiful Tuscan countryside, plentiful vineyards, charming cities and fabulous food. Not to mention the fascinating history and architecture just waiting to be discovered. Situated in the southern Alps in the north of Italy, the UNESCO Heritage Site of the Dolomites offers dramatic landscapes with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures – perfect for outdoor pursuits for those who enjoy mountain biking, horse riding, rock climbing, and guided hikes for all levels. Pair the great outdoors with a city break in Venice for a dose of culture, or choose to relax on the shores of Lake Garda for the ultimate twin-centre adventure with the kids in tow.


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Best Time to Visit: May to September

  1. A Magical Summer in the Arctic

A bucket list destination, the Arctic is a magical experience no matter when you visit, but July is the peak season for wildlife viewing. The beguiling Arctic tundra flowers in bloom paints a colourful landscape. Head across Baffin Bay and to West Greenland where you can view whales, minke, humpback, fin and even blue whales in the Arctic Ocean.

Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus)

The epic landscapes of the Arctic are truly breathtaking; towering icebergs, tranquil fjords and untouched landscapes along with ancient communities and incredible wildlife. It’s the ultimate bucket list destination for the adventure seekers, with ocean voyages taking you from Greenland to Alaska (and everywhere in between). Those looking for a relaxing trip, there are also thermal springs where you can unwind and enjoy a tipple against the picturesque scenery as your backdrop.

Scott Dunn Recommends: Late Summer (August/September) is peak season for wildlife, known as birds, bears and beluga season in Churchill, Manitoba these are favourable months to view some of the Arctic’s most special wildlife. The Arctic tundra flowers are blooming creating colourful landscapes to spot arctic foxes, arctic hares and of course the polar bear.

Best Time to Visit: July to September

  1. The Best of Greece

As one of the most popular summer destinations, Greece provides ample opportunity for exploration. Enjoy the plentiful soft sandy beaches along the warm summer coastline which spans over 16,000km. Peruse its vibrant and history-rich cities, or visit the ancient capital of Athens. Beat the post-summer blues and discover the colourful markets in Kos, ogle at spectacular scenery at Delphi, and sample mouthwatering cuisine. Settle by the turquoise seas of the Aegean where lazy days by the ocean await. This is the perfect destination for couples looking for a relaxing summer break.


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Best Time to Visit: Generally all-year round but best to visit between May and September

  1. Wildlife adventures await in Rwanda 

Rwanda evokes images of amazing mountain gorillas in the mist eating nettles on the slopes of Virunga volcanoes. Embark on breathtaking gorilla trekking expeditions in July, in the middle of Rwanda’s dry season. Living high up in the Virunga Massif – a collection of impressive volcanoes – the mountain gorilla is one of the many majestic animals that trekkers can come up close and personal with in its natural habitat. Rwanda’s captivating natural features continue to draw visitors in. From Lake Kivu and Rwanda’s majestic volcanoes, the acres of lush vegetation and dense rainforest, to the country’s beautiful wildlife and landscapes, Rwanda is a great place for nature loving travellers.

Baby Gorilla, Rwanda

Scott Dunn Recommends: Rwanda is home to half of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world and to track these fascinating creatures, visitors require a permit. Only a limited number of small lodges and six tracking permits are issued per family per day, meaning the encounter is as intimate and as unobtrusive as possible. With only 96 permits available each day in Rwanda, it is highly recommended to book in advance to enjoy this iconic wildlife experience.

Best Time to Visit: Ultimately the best time to visit Rwanda is all year round, so long as you are comfortable with a little rain.

Which summer destination should I choose?

Summer season 2022 is here, if you are looking for destinations to travel and visit, the best summer vacation destinations by Scott Dunn would definitely be useful and informative for you! Although I have travel destinations in mind that I want to visit first, I am also open to traveling and exploring destinations that I have yet to visit!

Looking at the best summer vacation destinations recommendations by Scott Dunn, it seems like the Arctic is calling out to the wildlife and outdoors travel visual story teller in me. Or should I choose wildlife adventure in Rwanda?

* Information and pictures courtesy of Scott Dunn *

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