A small island off the north-eastern corner of mainland Singapore, Pulau Ubin brings you back in time to a rustic era of 1960s Singapore where you can see Singapore’s last villages or kampongs. The beautiful and natural areas on Pulau Ubin are great for wildlife and nature photography, the forest therapy and gorgeous landscapes, providing us a short getaway from fast paced city life on mainland Singapore. During Pesta Ubin 2024, you can Live.Love.Learn at Pulau Ubin from 8th to 23rd June, visiting, learning and exploring the natural beauty and wonders of Pulau Ubin.

I have been visiting and exploring Pulau Ubin since my scouting days. Pulau Ubin is a pretty accessible destination from mainland Singapore, it’s great and ideal for a lot of our outdoors recreation activities. We can do hiking, cycling, watching the beautiful sunset, exploring Chek Jawa Wetlands, wildlife and nature photography. 

It’s been some years since I last visited Pulau Ubin, I think this would be a great time for me to go for Pesta Ubin 2024, soaking in the Pesta Ubin festivities, activities and programmes, enjoying the great outdoors on Pulau Ubin, wildlife and nature photography, and hope to capture another gorgeous sunset from Pulau Ubin again. Here are some photos that I took at Pulau Ubin during my visit in 2016 when the Singapore Heritage Festival 2016 was held at Pulau Ubin!

What is Pesta Ubin all about?

Pesta Ubin is a kampung-style open house held on Pulau Ubin. This is an annual highlight of celebrating Ubin, they are organised by the Friends of Ubin Network (FUN), with the support of the National Parks Board (NParks).

Pesta Ubin 2024 – Live. Love. Learn at Pulau Ubin from 8-23 June

Pesta Ubin 2024 is the 9th edition, it’s about Live, Love, Learn at Pulau Ubin from 8th to 23rd June, with an exciting, immersive and diverse lineup of activities and programmes that showcase the essence of a sustainable and conservation-driven “Live Kampung” in harmony with nature. 

The focus of Pesta Ubin extends beyond celebrations, they also foster deeper affection and appreciation for Pulau Ubin’s heritage and ecosystem, while offering enriching educational experiences for all ages, ideal for family bonding and learning activities. 

Pesta Ubin 2024 exciting lineup of activities include wildlife photography, cycling trails and guided walks around Pulau Ubin. Most of these programmes are free to attend, they provide a valuable and wonderful opportunity for both locals and international visitors of all ages to explore Pulau Ubin’s lush biodiversity, uncover and learn about Pulau Ubin’s rich heritage while guided by experts in the field. Visitors to Pesta Ubin 2024 can also enjoy the beautiful and rustic landscapes that the island has to offer!

Pesta Ubin 2024 Activity Highlights

Here are some of Pesta Ubin 2024 Activity Highlights that might be of interest to you and your family! 

Ecological and Heritage Learning Tour 

Led by Chua Yong Liang 

Date: 8 and 15 June 2024 (Saturday) 

Time: 9am to 12pm 

Meeting Point: Nature Gallery Mapboard

Going Coconuts on Ubin! 

Led by Cicada Tree Eco-Place 

Date: 8 June 2024 (Saturday) 

Time: 10am to 12pm 

Venue: Seminar Room, Ubin Volunteer Hub 

Limited to 30 participants.

Balik Chek Jawa 

Led by Naked Hermit Crabs 

Date: 8 June 2024 (Saturday) 

Time: 9am to 1pm 

Venue: Chek Jawa boardwalk 

No registration is required.

Macro-photography Outing to Pulau Ubin 

Led by Nature Photographic Society Singapore (NPSS) 

Date: 15 June 2024 (Saturday) 

Time: 7pm to 10.30pm 

Meeting Point: Changi Point Ferry Terminal

Pedal Ubin 

Led by NUS Toddycats! 

Date: 16 June 2024 (Sunday) 

Time: 8am to 12pm 

Meeting Point: Wayang Stage, Pulau Ubin

For the full list of activities, please visit  https://pestaubin2024.wordpress.com/#Activities 

Information and details on Pesta Ubin

For more details on Pesta Ubin, please visit 

For more information on Pulau Ubin, please visit https://www.nparks.gov.sg/pulau-ubin.

If you are looking for outdoors programmes and activities for your family during the June holidays, or if you are an international visitor in Singapore during this month of June 2024, check out Pesta Ubin 2024, come on down and visit Pulau Ubin, for a fun and exciting time outdoors and a trip back in time to 1960s Singapore! 

* Information courtesy of NParks *

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