A recent travel news update that excited many of us in Singapore and Southeast Asia was Taiwan is lifting its travel restrictions from 29th September 2022. When we mention Taiwan, many of us are looking forward to the delicious Taiwanese food, friendly people and beautiful sceneries. Beyond Taiwan’s beaten track, there are many more offbeat adventures for travelers to explore and experience, in the areas of history, history, culture and nature. Have you heard of the “Raknus Selu Trail” before? If you haven’t heard of this, don’t fret! Let me bring you on a trek into “Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail” on AXN and discover Taiwan’s Best-Kept Secrets

Photo Credit: KC Global Media

“Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail” is a one-hour Docutainment Special that chronicles the Hakka trail of Taiwan, both a cultural and industrial link to the world. In a modern world flooded with modern technology and social media, a new generation of Hakka youth are rediscovering their cultural heritage, giving them the opportunity to relive the history of Hakkas, the Indigenous people of Taiwan and other cultures that cultivated the lands of Taiwan in the past. 

Photo Credit: KC Global Media

This one-hour Docutainment Special is hosted by British photographer, Chris Stowers and award-winning Taiwanese food and travel writer, Danny Wen Shi-Kai. What makes this special is that they bring viewers through Danny’s ancestral family’s journey through the forgotten paths of this iconic Raknus Selu Trail, uncovering stories and intricate customs of Hakka heritage, and revealing the impacts of Hakka culture on modern Taiwan today.

Danny and Chris (Photo Credit: KC Global Media)
Photo Credit: KC Global Media

Now, let us begin trekking into the “Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail” on AXN, and step into a journey to uncover and learn more about Hakka heritage, culture and history, as well as discovering some of Taiwan’s best-kept secrets.

Soak in the beauty of Sankeng Old Street and sample authentic Hakaa snacks

Sankengzi is a traditional Hakka village and was once the most prosperous river port in the scenic Longtan district. The nostalgic street retains much of its original corridors and architecture; in these narrow lanes, you’ll find a bevy of homemade Hakka specialties such as vegetable buns, sticky rice cakes, and tangerine jam.

In “Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail”, hosts Danny and Chris meander through the winding streets of Sankengzi, soaking in the beauty of a forgotten time while enjoying an authentic Hakka snack, Niu Wen Shui, a reminder of the original farming heritage of the Hakka communities.

Travel back in time and stay amid rice fields at the charming Lo Ink House

Located in Guanxi, Hsinchu, the Lo Ink House is a preserved traditional house that showcases the original lifestyle of early Hakka immigrants and is the perfect escape from the concrete jungle. Surrounded by rice paddies, this wonderfully preserved, charming house from the 1940s offers a one-of-a-kind stay. 

Lo Shih-Long, a descendant of the Lo Family and manager of the Lo Family House (Photo Credit: KC Global Media)

Your friendly hosts will be glad to take you through the history of the house, and the history of the Hakka people in Taiwan. One can comfortably stay here for the night. Being close to attractions and unique dining options, it is perfect for one to truly maximise their tourist experience.

Meditate in the mountains and savour locally-harvested tea in Miaoli, also known as the Grasslands of Legend

In the Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail, hosts Danny and Chris will also bring you through a hidden gem: Miaoli Taiwan. Here, you can indulge in delicious Hakka food and breathtaking sights while staying at homely guesthouses. Visit the Global Tea Hut for a serene morning meditation, followed by a tea session – with locally-harvested leaves – for some quiet peace of mind.

Make a booking at the Quanhua Temple where you can stay for a night to take in the rich culture and admire the beautiful sights of this mountainous county. Try some local Hakka treats along the Nanzhuang Old Street, or sit down for a meal at one of the numerous restaurants in the area! After a long day, relax your body at the Tai’an Hot Springs where you can soak and soothe yourself in the hot spring water.

Wu Family (Camphor Factory – 2nd_3rd_4th generation)
Photo Credit: KC Global Media
Photo Credit: KC Global Media

Catch “Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail” on AXN

If you are just as excited like me, remember to catch Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail across AXN Asia Networks and on AXN Asia YouTube channel! They premiered on 27th September 2022, remember to catch up and follow their history, heritage, culture, food and trekking adventures.

For more information on Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail, you can visit https://www.axn-asia.com/SecretsoftheRaknusSeluTrail 

Watch the full clip here on YouTube! Also catch “Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail” Podcast on YouTube!

Thoughts and views from a fellow travel photographer and travel writer

As a travel photographer, travel writer and visual story teller myself, that have my own personal photography and documentation projects into history, heritage and cultural sectors, watching “Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail” has a deep personal connection inside me. 

While I am not a Hakka, my strong interest in history, heritage and cultural sectors have brought me to understand my Hokkien roots, as well as Teochew, Cantonese and Hakka over the years. There’s so much more for me to learn and understand such rich history, heritage and culture.

Watching “Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail” not just given me a greater and deeper insights into Hakka culture, history and heritage, this docutainment special is also an inspiration for us visual story tellers on documenting the areas of history, heritage and culture. 

Coming soon, a Q&A conversation with Danny and Chris, bringing you closer into this “Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail” docutainment special. 

* Information and pictures courtesy of KC Global Media and White Label PR *

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