NDP 2009 Combined Rehearsal 3

In the month of August 2009, on the 9th day, Singapore will be celebrating her birthday and it will be another great day of fun and celebrations with our own annual event, our National Day Parade, commonly known as NDP among us here.


With such a mega scale event with all the performances, displays, goodie bags and fun, the people behind the scene are taking no chances to ensure everybody gets to enjoy our nation’s celebrations. Therefore, there were a few combined rehearsals and I managed to catch their combined rehearsal 3 from the Esplanade. This year’s NDP is different from the past many years, however, it would be just as great and wonderful like past NDPs.


While I was there, caught a glimpse of the Red Lions parachuting into the Marina Bay Front, Coastal Defence craft in action by the Navy and Police Coast Guard, CH-47 Chinook dropping Naval Divers into water, Apache helicopters in action, the traditional state flag fly past by the CH-47 Chinook, flanked by 3 Apache helicopters, F16 saluting the nation and bringing the traditional 21 gun salute on a floating platform and getting close to the people, it’s unique and cool !!


Didn’t stay around for the fireworks, went home and took a rest, looking forward to the next few rehearsals, it will be the National Education displays and lots of further opportunities to capture the fireworks in action ! Counting down to NDP 2009 ! For a preview of some of the photos taken, drop by my Flickr !

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