Singapore Night Festival 2013 – 30 August

The second part of Singapore Night Festival 2013 happened on the 30th and 31st August 2013. I went down on the 30th August to watch the various arts performances and had a fun time there on Friday! Due to my participation in the Singapore Bay Run 2013 on Sunday 1st September, I decided to rest at home and didn’t go down on the 31st August 2013 to catch the grand closing finale performance by Magic Babe Ning & J C Sum! However, I did manage to catch their mega magic performance on Friday 30th August when they performed “The Water Vault” !!



Having covered most of Night Lights 2o13 during the last weekend on 23rd and 24th August, I was able to concentrate on the events and performances on 30th August at the National Museum of Singapore – Moongrazing by OIC Singapore and The Water Vault by Magic Babe Ning & J C Sum. The OIC Projection on the National Museum Facade was very interesting and nice! I loved their light projections, along with their live music and drawing! The talents and artistic drawings were different on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st, therefore, I missed out on photographing their live drawings on Saturday! Looking at the crowds sitting down at the National Museum of Singapore frontal area, they were enthusiastic and glued to the light projections! When there was a break in the OIC Projection Display live drawing, I went down to the Main Ground and watched 5 Streams Performance at 845pm, they have a total of 3 different shows and I only managed to get the first performance! 5 Streams was interesting to watch and it can be pretty abstract, however, doesn’t that make the arts more interesting, exciting and intriguing?


After the 5 Streams performance, I went back and got myself a good and early spot for the Mega Magic Show by Magic Babe Ning and J C Sum, titled The Water Vault. The crowds slowly built up and many spectators gathered around the stage to catch the Mega Magic show!! Magic Babe Ning, she is one of Asia’s female Houdini and one of the sexiest woman in magic by Magicseen Magazine. She was part of Singapore Night Festival 2013 wonderful performances, attempting a spectacular underwater escape from The Water Vault. She was shackled with chains and locks around her wrists, waist and neck. Ning was completely submerged in a steel vault filled to the brim with water that was locked and chained tightly on the outside. Take a look at this photo! This was Ning appearing from the steel vault with the pyrotechnics lighting up her appearance from The Water Vault after she free herself from the many locks and chains! It was great disappointment that I wasn’t able to watch, photograph and cover the Saturday Mega Magic Show titled Ultimate Inversion by Magic Babe Ning and J C Sum. From the photographs taken by fellow photographer and social media enthusiast friends, I knew I missed an awesome performance!!



This concluded my 6th edition coverage of Singapore Night Festival since her maiden entry into the Singapore scene 6 years ago. It had been a very fun and exciting journey that was compiled into my nice little collection here on Flickr. There were a number of events and performances happening during the two weekends of Singapore Night Festival 2013 that I couldn’t cover all of them, I had many good memories, reflected and collected through my photographs that I shot. I will let my Singapore Night Festival 2013 photographs do the talking and convey the artists works and performances to all of you reading and re-collecting the many different memories of Singapore Night Festival 2013. While some of the arts performances can be abstract and intriguing, I believed that using what I view through my photography and feeling it through my heart, I am able to share something across from the performers/artists to the audience.

Reflecting and looking back at the Singapore Night Festival 2013 and the years before that to Singapore Night Festival 2008, I am already looking forward to Singapore Night Festival 2014!

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