Once a while, I would share some updates, thoughts and plans on my photography journey. Many a times, I would be thinking, planning, strategising and also having random thoughts, ideas and inspirations, that can be found in my updates on Instagram stories, Facebook Page or Twitter.


Adding more content to Format

I have a variety of photography content in certain genres, adding more to my Format photography business portfolio collection. I also know which photography genre that I need to build up and I am working hard towards it!

Growing a photography business

Started in January 2017, this is still a  tough and difficult stage, I am running out of adjectives to describe my inner most thoughts, feelings and emotions. Growing very slowly and in small steps, it can be very draining and stressful running a small sole proprietorship business.

There is also a need to build more partnerships and collaborations with different partners from agencies, photographers to businesses from other industries.


Speaking the language of Light

I met one of my mentors recently, a senior that I knew from my Dragon Scout Group days, he was one of my leaders when I was a Boy Scout. He is also a very experienced and skilful photographer that gave me advice along the way when I started off freelancing photography.

In a most recent meet up with this mentor of mine, he shared about his visionary movement – Speaking the Language of Light. I wrote down the points that he shared into my Travelers Notebook! All his sharing, views and vision resonates with me inside my photography heart and soul.

Stay tuned for more updates on this movement!

Taking the first step

During Singapore Night Festival 2018, I was visiting this Night Lights artwork installation – The Leap of Faith. While immersing myself in this interesting and interactive artwork, I happened to meet the artist Kai Wei, had good chat with him and the theme behind his artwork.

Taking the first step resonates with me a lot! This is about faith in taking the first step in whatever you do in your journey towards your goal, your destination.

Taking the first step is always the most difficult, whether you are a young kid or an adult. Faith in taking the first step, the leap of faith, makes you grow stronger in your journey.

Loyalty? Is it still relevant in today’s market?

There were a few case studies as I would like to classify them that makes me wonder, think and analyse about this word loyalty, is it still relevant in today’s market?

Brands say customers are no longer loyal, I think that’s quite true, given the number of choices customers have today. On the other hand, there are also brands that are not really loyal too, that’s why customers leave them too.

Are we chasing the wrong things?

I have been asking myself this question many times than before. To some extent, I have been chasing the wrong things and I will be the first to put up my hands to admit it.


Collaboration with a mixed media artist on the cards?

Collaborating with another artist from a different sector of the creative and art industry has been a dream, a goal that I would like to acehive. I had sounded this idea to a mixed media artist friend of mine, who is now based in Bangkok, Thailand, she is one of my supporters of my photography. I would still like to collaborate with her when the opportunity arises! Check out her FB page – The Wandering Treehouse!

After meeting Kai Wei at Singapore Night Festival 2018, we chatted about collaborating to produce a mixed media artwork with my photographs! This is on the cards, I am unable to give any more information, taking one step at a time , many things to brain storm and discuss. Keeping my fingers crossed and let’s see how it goes!

A new setup on the cards?

The name is in place by my Chef friend, the idea then came through a moment of inspiration. This would be on food, photography, media and writing. I need to do a white paper – Agenda, About, Constitution, Goals, Directions, Whisky, Food.

Rediscovering my personal photography projects

I had started personal photography projects a few years back, it’s still ongoing and I think it is time to relook at them on how I would like to close or continue expanding on them.

There are also other personal photography projectst that I might embark upon or starting those that I have planned in the past 2 years that didn’t get kickstarted due to setting up my photography business.

Journaling and travelers notebook

I never knew the therapeutic enjoyment and fulfillment when I entered into the travelers notebook world along with my traveling. This was a slow start, I can finally say that I am doing something with them! While I am not so much of an artist that can draw or paint, I can concentrate on my strengths through my writing, journaling, decorating it with ink stamps and stickers inside my travelers notebook.


Next stop, take off?

Like this deliberate motion blur photo above, there are many times whereby everything looks very blur, out of focus, lost. Many people, if not most people nowadays only see the end result and not on the journey, the blood, sweat, tears, pain and disappointment.

To all those relatives and friends judging and criticising me, through your eyes that you see, everything is a blur to you, just like the photograph above.

To all those who have been supporting and helping me, you can admire the beauty and fruits of my labour at various goals that I have accomplished in my photography journey. For that, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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