19th June 2020! Phase 2 Post Circuit Breaker is here!

19th June 2020! Phase 2 Post Circuit Breaker is here! At the stroke of midnight, 0000 hrs on 19th June 2020, Singapore is now moving into Phase Two post Circuit Breaker (started on 7th April 2020) since starting Phase 1 on 1st June 2020. This means that more businesses and activities can resume subject to the safety measures that are currently in place.

For fellow photography industry professionals, we can resume our photography business and please observe all the authorities rules and regulations in the running of your photography business operations. Professional Photographers Association (Singapore) [PPAS] has a resource page for photography production in Singapore during COVID-19, photographers, please read this throughly before starting to operate your photography business in Phase 2 post circuit breaker in Singapore.

How we conduct and operate businesses, our working environments, leisure spaces etc are going through a massive change, we are going into a new normal, not just for Singapore, the whole world is going through this as well. The whole world is moving into a new era of a new form of normal, changes to both work and leisure are inevitable.

I would like to urge the people of Singapore not to rush out, swarm the shopping malls and dining venues, and totally forget about safety measures and personal hygiene. Please remember to practice safety social distancing, practice good personal hygiene, no big group gatherings yet.

We are still some time away from a vaccine being available for COVID-19, let’s not let our guard down, the fight against this pandemic is still ongoing. Yes, we would love our life to return back to normal pre-COVID19, that is not possible, we will enter into a new age of normal instead in this new decade.

Moving forward in Phase 2, the world economy is facing a very challenging and difficult time ahead. It has been a very tough time and it’s not going to get easier, I am taking steps to rebuild  my photography business during this economic crisis and pandemic.

It’s a long road to recovery ahead, we all need to be united together in this recovery journey and define our new era.

A special TGH Photography x Canon EOS M6 Mark II Explorer Series Production. Photos were shot with Canon EOS M6 Mark II, check out my review article!

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