Formula 1 x Lenovo Technology – Bringing F1 fans on a thrilling ride beyond the grandstand

Formula 1 (F1) motorsports racing action is back in Singapore this weekend taking place from 15th to 17th September 2023 at the Marina Bay Circuit. This iconic Singapore GP night race mesmerises motorsports fans from around the world, putting Singapore into the limelight beyond F1 motorsports action on the downtown street circuit of a modern cosmopolitan city. 

As a F1 and motorsports fan, also a sports/motorsports photographer myself, I love watching F1 motorsports racing action on television. For my hometown Singapore GP, my last attendance was in 2015, after a few years gap, I am back enjoying F1 racing in town for Singapore GP 2023. I am also a technology geek/writer myself (check out my TGH Technology and Business portal/blog), I am also amazed by the technology setup behind the scenes powering F1 action on the ground, on broadcast channels, media outlets and on social media platforms.

Thanks to Lenovo Singapore hosting a media session on Friday 15th September 2023, I get to know more in-depth about Formula 1 x Lenovo Technology – Bringing F1 fans on a thrilling ride beyond the grandstand. Listening first hand and understanding how Lenovo Technology is powering F1, from Pete Samara, Director of Strategic Technical Ventures, Formula 1, Ken Wong, Executive VP and President, Solutions and Services Group, Lenovo, and Sumir Bhatia, President of Asia Pacific, Infrastructure Solutions Group, I couldn’t ask for more, from a F1 fan, a motorsports photographer, and a technology writer/geek myself!

Lenovo – One of the official technology partners of F1

In 2022, Lenovo as announced as one of the official technology partners of F1 in a multi-year partnership starting in 2022, which saw Lenovo’s cutting-edge technology used across F1 operations to bring the highest level of racing experience to a global fanbase and broadcast material that gets used by media outlets in more than 170 terrorises worldwide.

“In the highly competitive world of motor racing, technology plays an increasingly crucial role. Lenovo is providing us with its industry-leading technology and solutions, helping us to define new operating models to shape a faster, smarter, and more sustainable sport”, commented Pete Samara, Director of Strategic Technical Ventures at Formula 1. “We need to have military levels of control but also be extremely flexible in bringing in new and cutting-edge technology and production developments. Lenovo is helping us to incorporate innovative technologies into a 100% reliable, repeatable, and efficient operation whilst still accommodating continuous improvement.”

“At Lenovo, we are constantly focused on creating innovative technologies that allow for elevated experiences on all spectrums, all around the world. Lenovo’s transformation from a hardware company to a provider of end-to-end technology solutions and services has allowed businesses worldwide to harness the full power of technology”, said Ken Wong Executive VP and President, Solutions and Services Group, Lenovo. “The full power of Lenovo’s wide range of hardware and software, and professional support and services for Formula 1 will be on display at the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend, supporting its operations all the way from HQ to the track. As Formula 1 synchronizes a million and one moving pieces to create an exhilarating experience, we’re proud to ride along as an Official Partner.”

Millions of data points stored to capture the best broadcast

When you are watching F1 motorsports action from your television, technology gadgets, on social media/internet, do you notice the huge volume of data that F1 generates with each individual car generating millions of datapoint across all races. 

Therefore, you would need powerful, stable and reliable technology across the board to handle all that heavy requirements. Lenovo Technology has the servers, storage, edge, and device solutions to help F1 teams capture millions of data points that are then transformed into actionable insights. 

For those watching the FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX 2023 will bring a deluge of data and insights on G-force numbers, steering angles, brake impact, throttle push, and all the audio and video from the cameras and microphones. Lenovo servers and edge devices collecting all that data will put it right back into the hands of the broadcast team instantly.

At the Formula 1 Media & Technology Centre in Biggin Hill, UK and at the onsite Event Technical Centre which are powered by Lenovo technology, including laptops and desktop devices, workstations, monitors, tablets and Motorola smartphones, the broadcasting team transforms all track-generated data, in real time, into an exciting experience as on-screen graphics and footage for hundreds of millions of fans and viewers.

Over 600 Formula 1 employees from executives to track-side operational engineers are equipped with a resilient slew of devices and digital workplace solutions that works reliably whichever part of the world or climate conditions they are in.

Racing towards a sustainable future 

The topic of sustainability is definitely on the agenda of Formula 1, they are making changes, actions and efforts on this area. The FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX 2023 will also witness Formula 1’s consistent efforts to improve sustainability in motorsports. 

Contributing from one race to another, Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Services help the organization develop and implement a sustainable disposal strategy for hardware. Through Lenovo’s asset recovery services, Formula 1 has been able to offset some of the cost of a technology refresh as well as guarantee secure and reliable data destruction.

Singapore GP is also playing its own vital role in F1 consistent efforts to improve sustainability in motorsports. Check out two local Singapore creative artists, House of VSE/Very Small Exhibition and It Takes Balls, their artworks on display at Singapore GP 2023, part of Singapore GP sustainability drive #SGPDrivesChange. 

Ocean Rainbow by Very Small Exhibition and Matthew Sia
A visual actualisation of just one of the 63 laps around the Marina Bay Street Circuit by It Takes Balls

Formula 1 x Lenovo Technology

As you are watching F1 action in Singapore this weekend (and upcoming F1 races), live in person at Marina Bay Circuit, or from the television from the comfort of your home, in different parts of the world. Do take the time to ponder on how Lenovo Technology is helping to power F1 action on your screens and social media, bringing you on a thrilling, high octane, adrenaline packed racing ride beyond the grandstand. 

Alright, it’s time let’s go for F1 action, have a great Singapore GP 2023 race day! 

* Information courtesy of Lenovo and Zeno Group *

** A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R6 Mark II Explorer Series Production ** 

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