World Photography Day 2022 falls on Friday 19th August 2022. This is an annual worldwide event celebrating the art, craft, science and history of photography. Wishing all fellow photographers and visual story tellers a Happy World Photography Day 2022!

Here’s a throwback in time to my previous years articles on World Photography Day, my thoughts, feelings and photographs that I shared at that point in time. Looking back in time on my previous years World Photography Day can be pretty nostalgic.

For World Photography Day 2022, what does this year 2022 mean to me for my photography?

On a personal photography basis, It has been a fun, reviewing and testing the Canon EOS R3 in Q1 of 2022. Currently in Q3 2022, I am reviewing and testing the Canon EOS R7, the mini stories that I produced and published with the two latest cameras from Canon, bringing back the fun in photography, exploring and my visual story telling. 

For World Photography Day 2022, I would be sharing some curated photographs shot with the Canon EOS R7 review camera to tell my thoughts, feelings and connections with my visual stories/photographs.

Another milestone for me would be bringing my visual story telling and photographs from a digital world to a physical (book/zine) print world, with the upcoming official launch announcement of my second photography zine.

A return to leading photography walks, combining with photography coaching/teaching and photography/cameras consultancy. This is a sector that I haven’t fully tap into, and I am going to do more in this sector.

On the business/commercial photography sector, it has been a constant challenge, adapting and evolving with the changing media landscape, types of media consumption. The future can’t be just standalone photography, it’s a hybrid of photography, videography and social media marketing, a mini digital agency.  

On World Photography Day 2022, let’s continue to explore, photograph, document and share our visual stories. Once again, to all fellow visual story tellers and photographers, wishing you all a Happy World Photography Day 2022!

* A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R7 Explorer Series Production * 

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