12th October 2023 is Lego World Play Day 2023! Whether you are a young kid or a young at heart adult who loves Lego and playing with Lego, let us unleash our inner (fun) play to bring out our superpower of play! For families with children, or young at heart adults that love our Lego bricks and mini-figures, there is something very fun and enjoy for you to enjoy Lego World Play Day 2023! You can visit Lego website, check out and participate their World Play Day activities too, if you like to! For some of us, this is the time for us to bring out our Lego bricks and mini-figures for our return to Lego Superpower of Play!

Lego Toys Photography

I haven’t been too active with my Lego toys, bricks and mini-figures over the years. After a recent chat with a fellow photographer friend Aik Wee who is very passionate in toys photography (check out Tamago Toys), looking at his toy works and checking out a toy photography group outing shoot, I was motivated to make a return to Lego toys photography again. 

I do miss the fun and play with my Lego toys, here is a start to relaunch my Lego toys photography, with this pair of photographer mini-figures at the Floating Platform in Marina Bay, Singapore, for a farewell photo shoot before the Floating Platform undergo a major renovation for the next few years. 

Lego Visual Storytelling Play Works

As I went back in time, looking at my past Lego visual storytelling play works, rediscovering my Lego visual storytelling with my technology gadgets that I was reviewing at that time. Here are some of my Lego visual storytelling stories below:

Lego Star Wars Photography

I am also planning to revive my Lego Star Wars photography action again. One of my dream Star Wars scene was the Battle of Hoth, in Star Wars V – The Empire Strikes Back. Other memorable scenes for me would be Planet Tatooine from Star Wars IV – A New Hope and Planet Endor, in Star Wars VI – Return of the Jedi.

Besides movie/drama scenes from the Star Wars series, I also produced my own Lego Star Wars scenes and stories too! Maybe it’s time to rally my Lego Star Wars friends who are also photography enthusiasts, make a comeback together in the name of our superpower – Play with Lego!

For fellow Star Wars and Lego fans, May The Force Be With Us in our Lego World Play Day 2023! Play is our Superpower, the time is now for you to awake the Lego Play Force inside you and Rise of your Lego Play!

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