World Mental Health Day 2023 falls on 10th October 2023, the theme for this year is “Mental health is a universal human right. The world can take this opportunity to raise awareness of mental health, improving our knowledge, taking and driving actions that can help promote mental health awareness, mental health matters, and we need to protect everyone as mental health is a universal human right. The recent global pandemic period from 2020 to 2022 brought huge impacts to the financial, emotional, mental and physical well-being of the human race. We were all affected during this turbulent period, some fared worse than others, some managed it better. This global pandemic in a way opened up to the issues as well as awareness of mental health and well-being that we had been facing in our daily work and living. 

A Walk Back In Time to TGH Photography Therapy Zine and Playbook

Going back in time, looking at what I wrote in my World Mental Health Day 2021 and World Mental Health Day 2022 articles, I went through some difficult times. My photography and outdoors were my form of therapy to get myself back on track. These were also the motivations and story behind my second photography zineTGH Photography Therapy Zine and Playbook”. This is available for digital and/or physical copy purchase on MagCloud. 

I still love the great outdoors, along with my photography and visual storytelling, continuing to play my small role to spread the message and importance of mental health awareness and mental health matters.

TGH Photography Therapy Zine and Playbook

TGH Photography Zine Collection: TGH Photography Therapy Zine and Playbook

The motivation and story behind my second photography zine came about from some personal crisis in a middle of an ongoing global pandemic situation. There were a series of situations that took place in 2021.My second photography zine has a unique and special theme – photography therapy theme,…

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Stand Together For Mental Health in Singapore

There might be times whereby mental health and mental well-being are used quite frequently especially since the global pandemic period that opened up this sensitive taboo topic that we might have been avoiding and denying. Even with a better mental health awareness ongoing round the world and also in Singapore, we may not know enough, understand deep enough about mental health matters, and most of us are definitely not qualified in a professional capacity to diagnose mental health issues.

I saw this “Let’s Stand Together for Mental Health” campaign by Mental Health Awareness Singapore, driven by Agency of Integrated Care (AIC), raising mental health awareness in Singapore and the support available if you need them.  

Let’s Stand Together for Mental Health, continue to spread mental health awareness, mental health matters and taking care of mental well-being on World Mental Health Day 2023. 

Photography by Ryan Cheng


My TGH Photography & Travel and Visual Storytelling Therapy

Through my TGH photography & travel and visual storytelling (writing), I hope that my photographs from my various genres and collections (the cute and chubby community cat, black and white landscapes, food, festival events, arts and creative works), can be a form of therapy and solace for you.

Photography by Isaac Ong

I also hope to encourage and motivate you to explore your photography, that can bring you comfort, joy, solace, peace and tranquility. 

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