LaoSafe helping Laos to reopen up tourism and travel by certifying more than 100 tourism businesses and this has helped to make Laos currently one of the most open Southeast Asian countries for international tourists. The world has gradually reopened up their borders, paving the way to restart tourism around the world. The success from LaoSafe initiative has boosted confidence for both Laos, as well as for countries around the region and the world, paving the way for the return and arrival of international visitors back to Laos.

Laos is now open to both vaccinated travelers, as well as for those who are not vaccinated but they have tested negative for the COVID-19 virus. Around the world, some countries still have restorative measures in place, while for Laos, they have moved quickly to simplify the arrival experience with the goal of boosting the number of visitors to the country. This is a dynamic reversal after two years of tightly controlled borders.

For international visitors planning to visit Laos, they can have the confidence in the tourism providers in Laos. Through LaoSafe program of education, certification, and promotion; at the time of writing, more than 50 restaurants, 60 hotels, 500 tour guide, and 180 drivers, along with 2 airlines have certified by the LaoSafe initiative.

This form of openness, combined with the safety and security of LaoSafe-certified tourism businesses, has made Laos attractive for international travelers.

LaoSafe is implemented by the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, and approved by the Ministry of Health, LaoSafe is a nationwide initiative designed to create a world-class health and hygiene system within the tourism and hospitality industry. Sector-specific standards have been developed for accommodation, food and beverage, tour guides, and drivers, to raise the benchmark of hygiene provision throughout the country and build international confidence in Laos as a safe tourist destination.

The LaoSafe program was initially rolled out in several areas loved by travelers – including the UNESCO World Heritage city Luang Prabang. This program is now expanding throughout other destinations across Laos. This investment in both local and national tourism providers, along with Laos fully open borders and lack of internal movement restrictions, making Laos an outstanding tourist destination.

“The LaoSafe certification program has used the time of Laos’ closure to prepare for an influx of tourists post-Covid. “Now that the country is open again, the tourism industry is more prepared than ever to welcome travellers and to establish its reputation as Southeast Asia’s premiere destination”, said Mme Darany Phommavongsa, Director General of the Tourism Management Department, under the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.

The LaoSafe program is supported by the Skills for Tourism Project (LAO/029), which is co-financed by the governments of the Lao PDR, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Switzerland, and implemented by the Ministry of Education and Sports of Laos and LuxDev, the Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency.

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* Information and pictures courtesy of LaoSafe and Media Outreach *

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