Canon PhotoMarathon 2019 Singapore taking place on 12th October 2019! This would be the Canon PhotoMarathon XVII 2019, the 17th edition of Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore! Taking place in the heartlands of Singapore at Our Tampines Hub from 8am to 8pm, this would be another fun and exciting photography themes challenge day for you with your fellow photographer friends, family and friends!

Looking back at my Canon PhotoMarathon participation, I have participated in eight Canon PhotoMarathons over the years starting from 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018! Personally for me, I had seen Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore transformed and grew over the years from being a local Canon Singapore event to regional Canon countries in Southeast Asia and beyond! My photography also grew along with my years of Canon PhotoMarathon participation since my maiden participation in year 2008. Over the years, this had been a networking and catch up event day with fellow photographers as well, besides concentrating and participating in the Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore competition proper.

Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2012

Some might ask about Canon PhotoMarathon, what is it all about? I hope that through my stories, photographs and competition themes over the years that I participated and shared my stories, you would also sign up with your fellow photographer friends to join in Canon PhotoMarathon XVII 2019 Singapore, have fun yet you can have the opportunity to win exciting photography prizes!

Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2018


Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2017

As I reflect back on my Canon PhotoMarathon adventures from 2018 to 2008, there were so many memories! From crappy and lousy photographs in my early days (Remember this quote “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst – Henri Cartier-Bresson”), the fun adventures and journeys in Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore had been a good learning experience for me and still would be today.

Year 2018

Year 2017

Year 2016

Year 2015

Year 2013

Year 2012

Year 2011

Year 2008

For this year, Canon PhotoMarathon XVII 2019 Singapore is heading into the heartlands, something different over the years as it was usually held in the downtown area of Singapore. This year 2019 is Singapore Bicentennial year, celebrating Singapore’s national heritage in the heartlands with Canon PhotoMarathon 2019, where the heart and art of photography meets in the HE(ART)LANDS of Our Tampines Hub, Singapore’s first and largest integrated community and lifestyle hub. Photography in the heartlands is something that I can relate to, something close to me, because I am a heartlander!

Do share with your family, relatives, photographer friends on the upcoming Canon PhotoMarathon XVII 2019 Singapore taking place on 12th October! Sign up and come on down for a full day of fun and exciting photography themes challenge with your fellow photographer friends, or with your family and friends!

Sign up here ->

This would be the 9th year that I would be participating in Canon PhotoMarathon XVII Singapore 2019, however, first and foremost, I still need to head over to the website and sign up!

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