Today is World Tourism Day 2021, a day to focus on Tourism for Inclusive Growth. World Tourism Day is celebrated each year on 27th September. How would we like to mark World Tourism Day 2021 during this period of ongoing global pandemic that caused huge disruptions and impacts to the world economy and living? 

The ongoing global pandemic has caused massive economic and financial impacts to the world tourism and travel industries. I wrote, shared and published an earlier article on “When can we Restart Tourism?” in June 2021. I was cautiously optimistic, however the world situation didn’t go according as planned with the Delta variant causing havoc and further disruptions towards many countries plans to reopen their economy, as well as their tourism and travel industries. On World Tourism Day 2021, this would be my follow up article that I published earlier in June 2021.

Looking back at my travel adventures over the years, I am missing it a lot. During this ongoing global pandemic period, my wanderlust for travel has also made me reflect a lot on the future of travel as it would never be the same again before the days of COVID-19. 

First and foremost, I will now always remember these words of wisdom, travel may be a privilege for some of us, not everyone can get to travel out overseas. This ongoing global pandemic could have further widen this gap between those that can travel and those who can’t.

When the time arrives whereby we can Restart Tourism, travel overseas safely again, this would be the time to add on more travel photography adventures to my TGH Photography travel portfolio, Flickr travel photography collections and travel explorer stories here on my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog.


I am keen to work on two areas when the world travel and tourism industries reopen – community based tourism and nature based/conservation/sustainable tourism. As we are preparing for the eventual reopening and recovery of the world travel and tourism industries, I am reaching out to the travel and tourism worldwide networks on collaborations and partnerships.  

While this global pandemic situation has caused massive impacts to the world tourism and travel industries, this is also an excellent opportunity for a “reset”, to address and change some of our tourism and travel industry standards, operating procedures, practices, mindsets, habits etc etc, to make a change for the better, for the future. 

Let’s help to restart the world tourism and travel industries again when it is safe to do so, sometime down the road, hopefully soon. Meanwhile, do support your local/domestic travel and tourism industries too. This is the time for inclusive growth. 

Meanwhile, when can we restart tourism again? A number of countries have started to open up their tourism markets in small and at specific destinations. Some countries have started to open up more than other countries. We are all taking steps towards reopening the international tourism and travel industries.

Till the day when we can safely #RestartTourism and travel overseas again, take care and be safe! I look forward to meeting my travel and tourism network friends when I get the opportunity to travel and visit them in their countries! 

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